Animated flags

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Syria flag animation Rotated Syria flag Animated 3D Syria flag


Transparent animated Syria flag looks best on a white background images.
For a gray background click here.
For a black background click here.


These animated flags may be freely used on commercial or personal Web Pages (with the exception that you cannot use them in your own collection of animation offered to the public).
The only requirement is that you provide a clickable link to the homepage.
Text giving credit to must be easily readable and appear on every page or screen where a flag animation is used.
Example of clickable link:
<A HREF="">Free Animated Flags</A>
Produces this:


PC : Right-click on any animations until you get a pop-up menu - select:
save target as../save picture as..
Mac : Click-and-hold your mouse button in until you get the pop-up menu - select save.

Direct linking

Direct linking/hotlinking is not allowed on any kind of files uploaded to
If you want easy way to "get direct image links" go to this page: